Tuesday, October 18, 2016

It's confirmed! My family and I will be going to Spainnnnn!

Assalamualaikum wbt

holy cowwww this is unbelievableeeeeeeeeeeeeee. insyaallah we will be going to spain with SafirGoTravel on Nov 30th which iz in the early winterrr

actually we should've visited Spain with Andalusia Travel&Tours on June before the travel agency had to cancel the trip due to tak cukup participant at the very last minute, and that's how we got to Tunisia btw (will blog about this later ;)) my mom has always wanted to go there since forever and when she saw the promotional campaign (they're having discount by RM500/pax) she couldn't help it.

upon knowing the news, i didnt know how to react and what to feel. a part of me was elated and another part of me was kinda sad. i wanna go but i also hoped that it would be with my future life partner. wellll i never dreamt or wished that my parent would take me there cuz ya know, it's Europe and that gonna cost a whole lot of buck$$$.

i also worried how Faris reaction would be. he had a not-so-happy experience when I went to Indonesia & Tunisia since we hardly got time for each other and that was worsened by different time zone. i was even worried because he loves Spain and its culture, football, guitar, and now im going to his favorite country, without him. im got what he's always longing for. he was jealous but i thought that's a normal feeling, so i just let the time does its magic. i knew he was also unhappy cuz we couldnt be contacting so often. but it didnt take him so long, im glad he embraced it after a couple days.

so....i really hope that this trip isn't going to be cancelled again. please, not for the second time. we've had enough heartbreak before haha. i will update about the preparation later (kalau rajin). Till next post,
P/S: here's the link if you wanna eye for other tour & umrah packages by SafirGoTravel ;)