Sunday, April 29, 2018

I like him

He likes to tease me, he imitates my laugh, but then he makes me laugh, I like him :)

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

MSc coming!

Assalamualaikum wbt & hi!
5 months after school has ended and self-employed. Alhamdulillah. How are my readers doing? :)

So you guys have probably known what this entire post will be about, hehehe. My application for UPM MSc program was approved! But its for Sept 17/18 intake. I was hoping to enter this upcoming Feb, which is the second intake for 16/17 so I won't have to listen to my dad who wants me to get an 8-to-5 job no more.

Well, I didnt plan on doing master before, didnt even cross my mind. bahaha! i had a pretty tough experience while doing internship in USM and i just dont think im ready for another thesis. Tell me, which undergrad student write TWO DISSERTATIONS in their first degree study??? Yeap I had finished 2 thesis in my degree life. The first was in sem till 7, passed viva voce and the second one was while doing my sem 8 intern. -_- excuse me but princess is friggin tired!

And then poof, i happened to change her mind. lets get straight to the story. i didnt want to get an 8 to 5 job like what my dad does cuz i wanted to be an effing entrepreneur, im the hella boss n werk my ass off in ma (mom's) own house. but that would be a different story if i further my study, my dad will stop looking at me like im a hopeless brat.

so i got my eyes on UPM coursework program. I'd pick coursework rather than research mode because i dont have any background in food chemistry, hence the whole journey will be super hard for me to catch up (been there). At least, coursework mode enables me to learn right from the scratch in the classroom. I had two programs in my mind; food tech & food safety. The latter however, sounds more practical and need less brain on innovations, creative invention & stuff which I am weak at haha. I had my internship doing Food Technology in USM so I was pretty convinced i'd be accepted.

Another reason that got me applying was, UPM is in Serdang. Serdang is close to Kajang. Kajang is where my love at. Shit, u must be saying "everything makes sense now!"

Its funny to think back how did we get where we are now, isnt it?
Finished high school, passed foundation & matriculation studies, got a degree in a course never of your choice and will be doing MSc in some food industries. I didnt make this decision to chase a high-paying job, I just wanna be an entrepreneur. Im doing this for my own satisfaction. Maybe a PhD next, who knows? It'll feel good to run a business and be called a Dr. ;)

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