Thursday, October 27, 2016

My current addiction (and talent)

Assalamualaikum wbt and hello!

Well, apart from falling asleep less than 5 seconds at 9.30 pm, I am now playing (electric) guitar *gasps* and I focus on rock songs.

Not kidding!

It started last year when I got sick of listening to nonsense pop-electro-techno-rap music, the same kind of melody, played on Hitz & FlyFm 100x a day. So I switched to 90s and 00s pop, ya know, the era of Britney Spears, Spice Girls, SClub7, before Faris introduced me to 70s - 90s rock songs. He made me listen to Led Zeppelin, Queen, Metallica, Nirvana and more! I couldn't help but feeling like my ears was being raped, especially when ur so used to Westlife and suddently u listen to Metallica and A7X screaming (??)

Well, to my surprise, the music isn't bad at all. Not what i thought, haha. GnR was the most appealing to me. First song I heard was the Sweet Child o' Mine and i instantly felt in love with it; the melodic intro, Axl's rasp voice, the guitar solo, backing track and the outro. and the other songs like November Rain? they came perfect and flawless and somehow, their music felt so relatable and close to your soul. omg that's what happens when you found your true music match. geez, weird! I cant get them outta my head.

(There are many more bands I listened to, surely that would be a long list to mention them one by one but i think that's enough explanation how I got to know Mr Rock n Rolla and guitar).

I got heavily influenced by GnR (Slash to be exact) that 4 months ago, i decided to buy me a Les Paul and got my VOX amp from the same shop. i bought them when my parents went to work, so they had no idea. they only knew when my brother saw the guitar case in my room and literally made an announcement to the whole family. my parent's reaction? priceless! i was expecting them to get mad or nag or something, but they... laughed. yeah, they were laughing and smiling. i was 100% certain that they didn't give any disapproval at all, which i was confused....

Me and my LP :D

Soooo, i've been playing for 4 months and i'd say im happy because im progressing. to be a self-taught player is not easy at all. my fingers hurt terribly during the first couple weeks, and i felt like giving up when my small, short fingers couldn't reach the notes. but now after couple months, things just got easier. patience and perseverance are keys guysssssss.

Did i say perseverance?

Honestly, i never thought that i would play an instrument, rocking an electric guitar especially. but interests can change, and passions develop. u might not like or enjoy certain things right now but u also have no idea that u'll be loving it one day. To Faris, you are the biggest criminal who put me in here. i cant go through my day without playing! because im addicted to it. i love you!