Saturday, October 15, 2016

An attempt on Tumblr: FAILED!

Hello! After two years I suddenly feel like writing again, hahahaha *sila ketawa*. I am now 22 (23 this December T.T), graduated and unemployed. Poor kid has degree but no job uhuk.  Eh, wait? I'm actually self-employed! I have an online business ongoing. Wow very much talent at forgetting things.

Like I said, I felt like blogging and it's out of nowhere. I recalled that I had a Blogger account but mehhh so kolot la nowadays people use Tumblr oredi so oldfashion la using Blogger lmao *eyerolls*. Okay so I signed up Tumblr and downloaded it on my phone. Turned out that the interface is very similar to Instagram only you can put (literally) everything there including writings, music, videos and poops but smh it feels awkward :/

and then the hard times learning that I can't do this tumblr and gotta turn to Blogger.. so kolot I said

I went back to Blogger by searching my previous link (not bustedstalker) but Google couldn't find it. The heck did I change the link? Too talented at forgetting things I cant even remember I changed the link -_- after few trials I managed to find this stuff huh. Took me a moment to get used to the dashboard plus I even forgot what does my blog look like.

At this time, I was still hesitated whether nenek should try adapt to tumbr but after going thru the Posts, read them all, got embarrassed nenek decided that... maybe nenek should just stick to this.. It's not because I'm used to Blogger style blogging (x ngaku kolot sia) it's because the posts. hehe. I've been on Blogger since 2009, remade my blog on 2012 and I don't wanna start over by making a new blog, Let people just read those embarrassing stories I ever wrote... 

That's all for this entry. Deleting Tumblr and never go back, maybe? I'll see you again two years later. Till 2018!!!