Tuesday, June 12, 2012

P3 time

Suddenly feeling like recalling these memories. Reminiscing the book-a-holic life of being a Pasum student. Picked some favourite photo to share, here's P3 - Pelajar Paling Photogenic. Camera addicted are us. Everyone loves taking photo too hard XD

 Jumping threesome FTW!; Our class monitor Shari, Adam, Azhif The Long

With Adam le brother and Dian le sister after English class :D oh, I'm at the middle.

It's an elevator! Anak kambing biri-biri menyempit dalam lif and ambil gambar. Our habit.

 Last day of final exam! Everyone was gloomy yet nobody forgot to remind each other to take photo -.-
At the back: Shari, Pullah, Addin, Azhif, Dini
Middle: Zahirah, Siti, Aqsa, Hajar, Azura, Nadiah, *me*, Qilah, Zay, Afiq
Front: Zul, Adam, Lily, Dian, Fadh

(Photos are credited to Addin and his Nikon)

Hoping to see you again, guys. Till we meet again InshaAllah! May Allah shower us with his unconditional blessings. Let's pray for each other in our du'a :')